Glass Systems

What are Glass Systems?

Glass systems are used in almost all indoor and outdoor areas. The glass models used in the facades of various buildings, houses, workplaces, roofs and ceilings are produced in different series and are designed by dimensioning the area to be used and specially ordering.
Katlanır cam balkon, eşikli sürme, eşiksiz sürme, kelebek, sabit vs. olarak adlandırılmaktadır.

Usage Areas of Glass Systems

The usage areas of these models are applied in the structures such as patio bottoms, winter garden, pergolas, balconies, glass roofs and to provide protection of the weather conditions from all external adverse conditions and offer all the beauties of the four seasons with its uninterrupted appearance. We sign the quality of our glass systems which we accept as the indispensable product of architecture.
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Why are Glass Systems Preferred?

Glass systems, which are used in interior and exterior spaces in functional and aesthetic terms, are produced and applied in order to separate the areas from each other and to take precautions against physical conditions. Foldable, sliding, manual opening and closing with different varieties such as can be adapted to any place.

Today, it is possible to see that glass systems are frequently used in both private and public spaces. It is useful to know why glass systems are preferred so much as every space user. As the person realizes the benefits, he/she can renew the space wherever he/sherequires. Areas where glass systems are used are transformed into more efficient spaces.

Protecting from Weather Conditions and Using Outdoor

Due to adverse weather conditions, glass systems are used in semi-open areas in order to avoid being trapped indoors in winter. The areas where the glass systems are made to balance and cut the air flow become protected from cold and become usable in every season. In winter gardens, glass systems are certainly used.

From time to time with the sliding systems of the space is provided. Glass systems can also be used to reduce the effects of summer. This makes it possible to spend all seasons in semi-open and open spaces. Openable glass systems are also recommended for balconies and terraces.

Semi-open areas that are completely enclosed and included in the interior at any time will allow connection with the outside when opened. Glass systems are therefore necessary to keep up with climate changes. It can be used to prevent wind from entering the place in windy weather, to support the formation of shadows in sunny weather, and to prevent any other effect such as this.

Usage of Indoor Glass Systems

Glass systems contribute not only to heat but also to sound insulation. Glass systems are preferred in order to separate the working areas in offices and different workplaces. It is used to control the flow of sound, as well as to ensure that the interiors are separated from each other.

This prevents the area from being minimized. When you divide a space with a wall, you can make it smaller. However, as the glass systems are transparent, the spaces will be perceived to be as large as they are separated from each other. The use of glass systems is very necessary and useful in terms of design criteria.