Articulated Awning is the most popular and most useful sun protection system which can be turned into a controlled system by adding motor if desired.

Classic Awning Features

In severe weather conditions, switch it off in a controlled manner with the controller and manual lever.

Classic Tarpaulin Price

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Classic Awning Supplies

Acrylic fabric with 5 years non-fading guarantee with its aluminum and iron parts is completed with letter printing with an electrostatic paint.

Classic Awning With Advantages

Classic awning, also known as articulated awning, is one of the most useful awning models with manual or remote control. With its sun and rain protection feature, it is perfect with its functionality as well as coloring and beautifying living spaces. It has a wide usage area and attracts attention with its elegance and functionality in the open spaces of restaurants, cafes and other small businesses.

Why is Classic Awning Advantageous?

The classic awning with iron and aluminum components is durable and durable, as well as decorative.

It is made of acrylic fabric and the colors remain vivid for 5 years.

It offers alternatives with printed and unprinted options.

It protects the living spaces from external influences such as sun, rain, snow and wind.

It can be opened in different sizes and can meet all needs.

It is very practical and safe to use.

In addition to protecting the living spaces, it adds elegance and functionality with its decorative appearance.

Classic Awning Usage Areas

Classic awning, which has a wide usage area, is used in the open spaces of cafes and restaurants. The classic awning, which provides the pleasure of eating and drinking in the open space in the comfort of indoor environment, is used in many areas from tea gardens to patisseries, restaurants and other small businesses. Customers who prefer branded or logo printed classic awning for advertising purposes also uses articulated awning.

 Classic Awning for Stylish and Fancy Places

The classic awning that completely changes the atmosphere of the space, is immediately noticeable with its elegant and decorative appearance. With modern-looking, gorgeous and useful lassic awning models, every business immediately draws attention. The classic awning that colors, decorates the living spaces and offers a quality in the comfort of indoor areas in outdoor areas is produced in sizes, colors and designs according to the needs of each customer.

What are the Classic Awning Prices?

Classic awning prices vary depending on whether they are remote or manual. The size of the material to be used, whether printed or unprinted, also affect the price of classical awning. It is quite economical compared to other awning models and is one of the most preferred awning type. You may contact us to get a price quote, you can create glamorous living spaces in all open spaces, especially in gardens and balconies with your choice of stylish and high quality classic awning.