Mega Umbrella

Mega Umbrella is one of our most popular products that can be used in your system in a fixed or mobile way with its wheels and marble, can cover a certain area of m2 and is preferred by most enterprises.

It is the shade system you can prefer for your gardens and terraces. Our product is used by many brands from 9 m2 to 40 m2 in open areas. Aluminum arms, aluminum poles, square wheeled feet, square marble weight, acrylic fabric, oven paint, lettering printing,

Width dimensions are minimum 300×300 and 350×350, 400×400, 450×450, 500×500, 550×550 and 600×600 sizes are applied..

Mega Umbrella Prices

The price of the product varies and is determined according to the preferred dimensions and technical details of the product.

Where are Mega Umbrellas Used?

Mega umbrella models, also called garden umbrellas among the public, enhance the quality of life in open spaces. The models, which protect the outdoor seating areas against rain and excessive sun, are used by fixing them to the floor in different ways. The ones with wheels on the bottom can be moved to the desired location without requiring too much force.

 Umbrellas for Long-Term Use

The fabric in the Mega umbrella models is fixed to the arms that can be opened and closed. Products used at varying angles in accordance with the direction of the sun or wind, combined with heating devices in winter to form a stylish combination. Prepared from waterproof fabrics, the opened umbrella can be covered with different colors, patterned fabrics or printed advertising materials.

It is preferable that the base material is made of iron in order to prevent corrosion caused by the exposure of external models to the models with wooden body. Models with wings length ranging from 1 meter to 5 meters can be selected according to the needs of the place and full protection can be provided. Mega umbrella models have wide usage area from gardens to cafes, terraces to vineyard garden.

Features of Garden Umbrellas

Among the features of the mega umbrella models that should be wind resistant;

  • Easy opening and closing
  • Not fading on fabric
  • The ground device to be robust and,
  • The presence of a flue system to evacuate the wind, can be considered.

The mega umbrella models, which are preferred for decorative purposes as well as the concrete benefits they have achieved, have the feature of completing the architecture and decoration used in the space. Balanced and high quality umbrellas that are compatible with indoor and outdoor spaces help to make the space different from others and preferred. Umbrellas, which are the reflection of decorative objects used in interior spaces of outdoor spaces, are distinguished from their color and design.

Outdoor areas can be used effectively 365 days a year in places where garden umbrellas are used. Mega umbrella models that provide protection from summer heat, rain and wind can be used open, closed or semi-open according to weather conditions. By the systems that can move according to the direction of the sun, the parts tilted at any time provide full protection. Outdoor products can be enjoyed in any season by the products that can be evaluated in many ways, from space promotion to protection, creating a new living space in the outdoor environment and decorative features.