Zip Screen Models

Never compromises its elegance



Zip screen is the most important roller blind system which is built wisely with its own special parts. Zip screen with self-aligning side channels for light and sophisticated look are essential.

We design and apply each zippered zip screen model to provide you a perfect fit from end to end with no space between them. We offer a range of custom colors to suit your individual needs, various controls and sealed box covers. Zip screen systems are versatile and stylish for both residential and commercial applications.


Our roller blinds are stylish and versatile and easy to install. It is available in motorized systems and we can make them individual or multi-linked to suit any situation or configuration. Zip screen m2 prices are determined according to product quality and aluminum profile wall thickness and special mold plastic details. Please contact us for zip screen prices.

Many people use outdoor curtain systems for privacy or for aesthetic reasons. Have you ever thought about protecting your indoor fabrics from the sun? You no longer have to worry about the sun damage to your furniture, carpet or wall covering. We offer sun protection color tones by protecting 95% of the UV rays that do not harm the sun’s rays. These colors are ideal because they can be used to protect you, your family and your guests from the oppressive and harmful rays of the sun.


Zip screen is now the top of UV standards woven from the latest technology frequently yarns Sergei Ferrari zip screen fabric comfort and customers in all adverse weather conditions, users are enjoying the zip screen models. This also allows for the use of a sturdy, stable and stretched fabric. The weight bar seal, using semi-automatic locking with springs and gear controls, provides greater coverage on larger openings, on uneven floors. With Somfy, Becker motors and remote control, you can dominate the sun. Outdoor blinds, also used as pergola curtains, can be used in all conditions.

Zip screen installation is the perfect addition to your outdoor space, where you need to do your best to protect yourself, your families and your guests from the oppressive sun.

If you enjoy welcoming your guests outdoors, the zipper screen is ideal for you. They are the ideal modern curtain system for pergolas, verandas and balconies, because they can be turned into an indoor outdoors, providing protection not only from the sun but also from wind, rain and insects. So you, your customers, your family and you without the disturbance of external factors to enjoy the look and feel of the outside appearance. It is also applied as transparent zip screen.

By delivering zip screen products in especially Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bursa, and all cities in the country, to see the satisfaction of our customers, is a proof of how we are on the right way. The most important element for zip screen manufacturers is customer satisfaction.


  • Recommended: External applications. Suitable for residential and commercial buildings
  • Maximum Width: Specially produced up to 5000 mm width.
  • Operation controls: Motorized (remote controlled), crank gear, spring operation
  • Fabric Options: A variety of favorites are available, including woven mesh fabrics; Control the amount of visibility.
  • Colors: Easily available in 4 standard colors;
  • Warranty: 2 years manufacturer warranty
  • Delivery: 10 working days


  • Advanced Sun / UV Protection
  • Insect and wind resistance
  • Control your privacy level
  • Sergei Ferrari fabric options available
  • Optional closed head box cover
  • Functional, compact and easy to install
  • Motor can be switched on and off and control can be provided with a single button.


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Soltis 86 Provides the perfect balance between light control and heat protection.

By the pores, the outdoor feature provides better visibility to the outside to reduce air conditioning consumption.

It blocks up to 86% of the sun’s rays and optimizes the overall thermal management of the building. Soltis is weather and UV resistant, lightweight and 100% recyclable.

It is ideal for combining efficient sun protection and sufficient natural light to ensure space well-being.

For this reason, Soltis 86 plays a full role in light control and in creating a pleasant, suitable light environment.

The micro-ventilated textures of Soltis 86 provide excellent visual contact with the exterior, the appearance is concealed and visual comfort is appreciated in many architectural situations.

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With the micro-ventilation system, Soltis 92 regulates the heating effects of the sun and limits the greenhouse effect.

Unique performances reduce the use of ventilation and reduce building energy expenditure.

The Soltis 92 offers a wide range of colors to adapt to the façade, select the appropriate light transmission coefficient (TV), protect the outlook and develop technical and aesthetic solutions to ensure the privacy of residents.

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The fabric rejects 95% of solar energy, reduces the energy consumption requirements of air conditioning or air conditioning installations and provides significant energy savings.

Soltis 96 insulates and expels from micro holes, controls temperature and fights 95% of UVA and UVB rays.

The Soltis 96 texture is micro-ventilated and allows you to fully enjoy the glare in natural light. Provides exceptional external visibility and exceptional aesthetic appearance.


Zip screen projects have been successfully implemented in many indoor and outdoor spaces of various sizes. It has taken the throne of the roller blind as the exterior roller blind systems and has created a wide customer portfolio by presenting its new generation zip roller blind models systems to its valued customers by combining its unique design and aluminum profile with the difference of frequently woven high technology fabric that provides protection from the sun with its UV feature.

Soltis screen curtain fabric is a very special, porous breathable fabric that protects from the sun. This fabric is very useful and elegant due to its resistance to wind and nature’s four seasons by its easy tearing feature. Excellent quality, ideal for sun protection. This material provides the perfect balance between light control and heat protection. Soltis provides sufficient passage of natural light, but rejects the sun’s rays and lowers the temperature, creating a pleasant atmosphere where everyone feels good.

Zip screen manufacturers are numbered in our country. Motorized zip screen world brand Serge Ferrari Precontraint (Pre-Tension) technology brand and featured technical fabrics are used. As a result of the R & D research, numerous and unlimited tests have been achieved with excellent success and successfully passed the wind load resistance test. After all these tests and tests, the proven soltis zip screen curtain fabric sales policy and zip screen price and zip screen m2 prices are determined according to width, height and color selection.

Transparent zip screen is also applied in our product due to the hot and cold expansion of the transparent canvas is not guaranteed by our company. All other components are under warranty. Zip screens are sold to many cities and countries in Turkey and abroad, including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Antalya.

Polo zip screen product, which has become the preference of many institutions as outdoor roller blind company, makes zip screen installation in areas such as hotel, hotel, cafe, restaurant, restaurant, villa, construction, balcony, patio, pergola, rolling roof, winter garden. It has become the first choice of many brands that have completed many successful works by providing professional customer satisfaction together with its expert technical team and dedication.