Rolling Roof

A Stylish Stand Against Weather Conditions

Rolling Roof offers a new product and gains to its customers with a different design and unique movement system compared to the previously known sunroof systems.

Properties of Rolling Roof Ceiling Systems

Our systems’ 2 mm wall thickness aluminum panels, rotating around its own axis, to benefit from the high level of sunlight or shading, provides ventilation opportunities to users. It assembles backwards like aluminum panels that rotate around its own axis and forms a collapsible roof where you can benefit from all-seasons weather conditions.

Roof terrace systems are a great outdoor culture and a shading system preferred by many brands and buyers.

By the motion sensor switches, their movements are directed in a coordinated manner.

Thermal Insulated Ceiling Systems

Roof price is more expensive than our other products and offers a definite solution.

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    What is Rolling Roof?

    Rolling roof systems, which can be applied in every place, can be called as folding roof. Open-air environments can be turned into a closed space at any time by the application in which folding is performed.

    The main task of the panels on the system is to provide maximum benefit from daylight. Folding movement is an important privilege for easy cleaning of the panels. Long lasting and comfortable usage is possible with the applications that can be made in any color.

    Features of Rolling Roof Roof Systems

    Rolling roof systems that give an aesthetic and stylish appearance to the environment in which it is used meet the needs in different places in the best way by its unique movement systems. Providing protection against all kinds of adverse weather conditions, the panels are also used to create the comfort required in all seasons by providing thermal insulation.

    Roll roof systems, which provide a wide range of advantages compared to the area of use, can be ventilated by opening half-way in rainy weather. By the system that provides maximum efficiency from any weather conditions, life can be sustained safely in all areas. Models that work in accordance with the classic blinds system can be cleaned easily from the interior spaces when desired.

    How Does Rolling Roof Panels Move?

    Rolling roof panels that close and rotate around their own axis can be opened in a controlled manner and stopped at the desired point. Panels that can be kept at the desired slope allow ventilation in any weather conditions. By the system specially designed for spaces of different sizes, new and comfortable living spaces can be created in terraces, winter gardens, cafes or institutional spaces.

    Rolling roof systems with spare parts and repair guarantee can get rich appearance with LED lights according to demand. With the application used on large balconies or lofts, the interior of the house expands and enjoyable times can be spent in new living areas.

    Systems tailored to different needs can be considered as an ideal solution for those who want to make the most of fresh air. Rolling roof panels, which are an ideal solution for sound and heat insulation as well as climate effects, are preferred by those who want to enjoy outdoor spaces in cold weather while creating comfortable living spaces.