Ceiling Curtain

Ceiling Curtain is indispensable in areas and spaces with glass ceilings.

By providing protection from the harmful rays of the sun, you can enjoy peaceful and pleasant moments besides aesthetics in your environment. It is a specially designed curtain system preferred by hotels, cafes, restaurants and private living areas.

Ceiling Curtain Features

Ceiling Curtain meets your expectations at the highest level, offering superior features by its special engine, makes you feel comfortable with the controller, makes your environment enjoyable.

Ceiling Curtain Price

While determining our price policy; product quality, engine and fabric features by adding, offers the most special offer to our valued customers.

What are the advantages of using a ceiling curtain?

The ceiling curtain, which is known as an indispensable reinforcement for semi-open spaces, makes every space in which it is used become a more efficient place. The ceiling curtains, which cover the glass ceiling of the room when necessary, and which can be folded open when not required, show very flexible features in terms of their usage.

The ceiling curtain is most preferred in restaurants and similar public places. However, it can be used on the glass ceiling of any space that may be required. It will be noticed that ceiling curtains are frequently used in the ceilings of winter gardens.

Provides protection from the harmful effects of the sun

The ceiling curtain, known as the specially designed curtain system, is highly effective in protecting against sunlight. Every space with a ceiling curtain becomes available at any time of the day. Ceiling curtains that protect against the harmful effects of the sun, glass ceiling makes it possible to use more outdoors.

Without a ceiling curtain, it is almost impossible to use half-open areas during the day. However, the shade formation is provided by the ceiling which is closed with curtains and people can enjoy these areas with pleasure. Operation can be managed with a single control. If necessary, it can be opened for ventilation of the area. Folding open and close ceiling curtains, functional aspects are very practical products.

For a modern look and functional use, quality ceiling curtain applications should be preferred. By the ceiling curtains, semi-open areas become much more defined.

 Other Functional Benefits of Ceiling Curtain

The ceiling curtain can be preferred not only to protect from sunlight but also from other climatic conditions. It is suitable for the prevention of negative effects such as snow, rain, wind and so on. At the same time, it makes the sound more intense indoors.

By the advantages it provides in terms of heat and sound insulation, spaces with ceiling curtains will become much more functional. It can be made with different fabrics such as polyester, pleat and soltis. In terms of material, it is as flexible as it is in use. Therefore, it will be possible to say that ceiling curtains will adapt to every style of space.

Ceiling curtains, which are the savior of glass ceilings with their modern appearance and benefits, must be selected and applied in a quality way. Thus, the functional deficiencies that may occur due to the ceiling are prevented.