In the Winter Garden, in order to be effective in breaking sunlight and heat losses, glass options can be applied with the features that can filter the UV rays at 70% level. In order to provide solar control, awning systems that can work horizontally inside or outside the roof are added to the system.

With its unique design, it is a living space that is designed with special dimensions that can be made with movable motorized control when you want, consisting of glass ceiling in your open spaces.


In periods when weather conditions are not suitable for users, the areas designed from systems that make the space suitable for use are called winter gardens. Although winter gardens are generally used for protection from the effects of the winter season, they are also used with the cooling effects for the summer season. In this sense, it can be flexibly changed according to different weather conditions. The use of the winter garden can be provided in both private and public spaces. In many respects the use of winter gardens is necessary.

We should not stay away from the sun and green during the winter season.

It is necessary to ensure outdoor use even in adverse weather conditions. The winter garden is of great benefit in terms of fresh air and solar energy. In the absence of a winter garden, people are always exposed to indoor spaces, especially in winter. It is a negative situation in terms of both health and socialization.

By the use of a winter garden, people can be close to green in all seasons. A little bit of concrete and artificial reinforcements will allow to move away. It is also of great advantage that it contains both functional and aesthetically flexible properties. Any winter garden can be designed according to the characteristics of the place to be used. It can be classic or modern, semi-open or fully closed. Openable windows, sunshades, shade-forming systems, heating and cooling devices and much more are essential for an efficient winter garden. In this way, winter gardens can be built, whether it is a private or a public area, which can be adapted to the space in which it is located.

Suitable for use in summer

           Although the winter garden generally seems to protect it from the effects of cold weather, it is actually known as the savior of the summer season. In warm weather it is almost impossible to stand in an open area without air conditioning. However, winter gardens, which are designed with cooling systems and systems providing shade formation, are also required to enjoy the summer. A winter garden that has adapted to summer conditions will sometimes give us the conditions for sunbathing, eating or working. The use of the winter garden will always be necessary in order to use the outdoor in every season of the year as efficiently and enjoyable as the indoor.