What Is Awning?

It is the most affordable shade system to protect from sun and rain.

It is one of the products that will carry your business brand in the eaves with a nice color choice. In addition, these products, which are preferred in different areas and can be used in private households, are designed and applied with colorful and fixed acrylic fabrics in many different designs. Please call us for m2 prices.

Dominate the Sun with Awning Systems

Even if they are different weights according to their dimensions, our models which are easy to apply and use, can be easily operated from one point by adding motor and control to our classic, articulated, double opening models.

Awning Usage

It is recommended to shut down your system as there is a risk of load and breakage in heavy snow, rain and heavy winds.

Although our cassette models are motorized and controlled system, motor and controller are not added in mega models. Today it is used in many fields without discrimination.

In Which Areas Can Awning Systems Be Used?

Awning systems which are used for protection against harmful rays of sun, cold and rain provide effective protection in outdoor areas. Awnings that can be used for different purposes are among the most preferred protection systems today. Types of awning that can be used outdoors in different areas and their usage areas can be listed as follows:

 – Businesses:

When it is examined on the basis of businesses, it is striking that awning systems are preferred by businesses such as cafes and restaurants. A variety of awnings are used to protect the outdoor and garden areas of cafes and restaurants from the sun and rain, providing a safe environment. Awning systems installed according to the properties of the enterprises meet the needs fully and provide an effective protection by the automatic and manual options.

Apart from cafe and restaurants, businesses that perform trade for different purposes also use awning systems. Awning systems are also used in stores to protect store windows from harmful effects of the sun, to create a safe area against sun and rain and to protect against various other elements. The harmful rays of the sun are prevented from damaging the products in the showcase and it also provides protection against any objects and injuries that may come from above.

– Special Areas:

Awning systems are used in the gardens, pools and balconies of houses and workplaces to protect from sun and rain. Awnings with different features are selected for their purpose and provide a safe space and a pleasant seating environment is prepared. Motorized and non-motorized awning types are offered according to the needs of people in special areas and can be used easily without requiring power with practical use. All outdoor awning systems have security locks and are specially resistant to adverse weather conditions.

In addition to all these areas, awning systems can be used for the areas where outdoor open air parking is required to be protected from adverse weather conditions. The awnings, which are produced from sun and rain-resistant materials, are available in the desired colors and models and are produced in different sizes to fully meet your needs and to create protected areas outdoors.

In addition to all these areas, awning systems can be used for other outdoor areas according to special demands and offers a wide range of applications.