In addition to its contribution to the economy of our country, it has made a name for itself in trade by partnering with many brands. Our group, which complies with international standards in all its activities and is constantly developing, is a world player who is progressing towards the goal of achieving its success in its country and in the world.

Our company; has always been offering the highest quality service to its customers with the highest quality understanding, product design, design and production technology. We follow the world markets and offer our services at international standards with our customer-oriented working policy, creative approaches and professional team designing products with minimalist lines in the field. Since the day it was founded, it has been progressing with greater goals to add new ones to its successes due to the high quality products it produces.

With our modern production facility and reasonable price policy, our company produces pergola, rail awning, automated garden and terrace closure systems, shading systems, guillotine glass, awning, rolling roof, winter garden, zip screen and offers to our customers.

“Today we are at the very beginning of the road, but we and our customers know that as a group, we want to do and produce the best, with the best materials and in the best way. We know this is very assertive. But without the goal, there is no target, without the target there is no discipline and belief. In this respect, our most important vision is based on the feeling that the people working with us work safely and peacefully.”

Our Environmental Policy

Our company has undertaken an innovative role in its work.

Our group, which is aware of what is accepted by people as sustainability, has adopted a coordinated, transparent and reliable management approach.

Our basic principle in our activities in different sectors; to take responsibility for the product and service cycle.

With this approach, we manage our activities at every stage of our development by taking environmental impacts into consideration.

Our Environmentally Friendly Applications


It is necessary to assume a more comprehensive and sensitive role in the solution of the social, economic and environmental problems brought to the business world in meeting the social expectations and needs of today.

It pursues a policy that embraces industrial and service areas and assumes the importance of time in developing its product and service network to meet social needs. The Company conducts studies to eliminate environmental risks arising from its supply, product and service activities.

Our Group approaches environmental problems with creative and innovative solutions within the framework of the practices developed with the viewpoint of the principle of continuity and aims to turn risks into opportunities. With this approach, Polo companies form joint ventures with official institutions, professional organizations, non-governmental organizations, all local and international stakeholders in order to promote environmental sensitivity that it has prioritized since its establishment.

Our Corporate Environmental Policy
  • We establish and apply our environmental standards beyond legal requirements.
  • We aim for excellence by sharing knowledge and experience between businesses.
  • We adopt a preventive approach in all of our activities to continuously improve our environmental performance.
  • We identify and manage environmental risks.
  • We try to apply the best available production techniques.
  • We contribute to sustainability while monitoring environmental developments and turning them into business opportunities.
  • We support environmental awareness and information sharing for the development of society.

Based on the facts of “Sustainable development and Environmental Protection” for all processes in group companies, Environmental Policy determined by the group promise :

• To comply with the national and international legal regulations and other obligations to which we are subject to environment in the regions where we operate,

• To prevent environmental pollution by following scientific researches and technological developments and to continuously improve environmental performance,

• To protect and use natural resources in the most efficient way

• To control and reduce the possible environmental impacts from the design stage to the end of the life cycle,

• Reducing or recovering wastes at the source as much as possible,

• To contribute to the continuous development by establishing environmental goals and objectives,

•  To raise environmental responsibility awareness of all our employees from top management to the lowest level by providing environmental trainings to all employees in POLO GROUP companies,

• To communicate with all stakeholders and to share information when necessary.

Community Environmental Policy Requirements

We comply with environmental law and other legal requirements..

We ensure compliance with environmental practices beyond legal requirements.

We determine our environmental impacts.

We identify all of our environmental impacts, develop, review and take measures to improve targets, programs and monitoring systematics.

We manage in-community resource usage.

We determine organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities in infrastructure, technology, finance and human resources and enable our employees to develop environmental awareness.

We provide systematics in our applications and create synergy between enterprises.

We prepare our operating standards with a preventive approach, and ensure that everyone, including our employees, suppliers and contractors, implement it.

POLO GROUP Companies Environmental Management Studies

POLO GROUP companies focus on environmental management activities in three main areas.
All companies affiliated with the community,

• Aim to control environmental impacts such as energy, water consumption, climate change, emissions and waste generation, increase recycling and protect biodiversity and develop improvement activities in line with “best practices“ in order to achieve these targets.

• Monitors the environmental impact of the produced goods and services from the design and planning stage to the end of the life cycle, develops “environmentally friendly products” and works to reduce these impacts.

•  • Carries out educational activities aimed at increasing the level of knowledge and awareness of environmental protection for large segments of the society, in particular its employees, customers, dealers, suppliers, subcontractors and other operational stakeholders;

POLO GROUP Environmental Vision

As POLO GROUP; we intend:

• To ensure the reduction of waste at the source and the efficient use of natural resources by using clean technologies in production to reduce waste generation, treatment or disposal,

• To control and reduce environmental impacts that may arise from our activities with scientific and economic solutions,

• To be a pioneer in environmentally friendly investments, to evaluate the environmental impacts of new investments, to protect the environment and to establish healthy, safe and environmentally sensitive enterprises,

• To follow all innovations, research and development studies closely,

• To bring solutions to environmental problems by using original and pioneering technologies,,

• To provide emergency and environmental risk management at the most advanced level,

• Engaging in activities to support sustainable development,

• To be a Group that is proudly mentioned in its name not only today but also in the future with our vision consisting of sharing the principles and sharing the best practices about the environment by creating synergy around the environment management culture within the framework of the principle of continuous improvement throughout the Group and leaving a reliable mark in for both our country and the world.