Pergola, For Modern Outdoor

For those who want an outdoor seating unit, the pergola is the most popular outdoor seating area. The user benefits from all the possibilities of the outdoor space due to the automatic pergola systems. Designed with technology, pergolas have a completely different decorative visuality and functionality.

It meets the needs of any outdoor space and its use is completely under the control of the user. The pergola awning, also known as the Rail Pergola, provides excellent modernity with its four seasons not being affected by outdoor weather conditions. By the Pergola awning, you can no longer be trapped in cold winter days.


-It adds value to the space it is applied in terms of visuality.

-Easy to use, remote controlled and silent operation.

-Profile and plastic molded and long-lasting.

-LED lighting adds a different ambience to the environment.

-Advanced Somfy – Becker motor technology reduces energy consumption.

-Maximizes the space comfort.

-Model and fabric selection is made according to the taste of customers.

-Somfy and Becker brand engine and control are made by the individual designs.

-It adds aesthetics, functionality, comfort and visuality to businesses and spaces with its product range suitable for every taste.

-Used in four seasons.

-Natural, naive and elegant models make the user’s dreams come true.

-Aluminum profiles have gained the appreciation of architects and other users and add a different atmosphere to the outdoor spaces with their natural wood patterns.

-The main pillars of the system are formed by adding rain gutter on top of it.

– It creates a special living area with black out fabric and led light system in its materials.

Usage areas

Our product range is quite wide with its collapsible types. It is used in hotels, cafes, restaurants, interior and exterior architecture, gardens, terraces and many other outdoors.

Polo, it is high quality and reliable company that markets its products to the world besides Turkey. It produces the most popular pergola models with its expert team and the latest technology infrastructure and makes a name for itself by making a difference in the sector.

All products are aesthetic, economic, functional and visual feast. Our expert customer representatives always work in line with the needs and demands of our customers and provide customer satisfaction by producing customized projects with years of experience.

By the excellent workmanship of our expert staff, the production of pergolas provides complete and timely delivery with prompt service to our valued customers and provides customer satisfaction. Please contact us for M2 prices.

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    Pergola and Awning Systems

    Pergola, which means canopy and eaves, is decorative and produced in special sizes and can be used in all seasons. They are stylish designs that can be adjusted to any season and cover the open spaces in the form of canopy.

    It is available in aluminum and wood designs and also dazzles with adjustable led lights.

    Pergola Warranty Terms


    First of all, thank you for choosing Polo Pergola Systems.

    This manual contains information and usage details about our products.

    Our products are designed and produced in accordance with the four seasons conditions, aesthetically and durably. You can control our systems with special remote and turn your living spaces into the winter garden environment you dream of.

    Our fabrics are resistant to external influences and harmful sunlight. You can have the places you dream with LED light illumination of our sliding glass with threshold – without threshold and manual and automatic open-close glass systems.

    Polo Pergola and Shading Systems are produced in accordance with international standards product quality. At the same time, the company closely follows the technological developments in the world and works to maximize the production techniques and increase the product quality.

    Polo Pergola and Shading Systems are produced in accordance with international standards product quality. At the same time, the company closely follows the technological developments in the world and works to maximize the production techniques and increase the product quality.


    This booklet is delivered to the user after completion of the installation process by our after-sales specialist and authorized team. It is recommended to keep the product during the warranty period.

    The team makes installation and assembly on the address specified in the contract and delivers the system to the user in working order.

    The assembly team may not work at an address not included in the contract. If the user wants to work on a different region, or if a different application is requested, you should first contact our customer representative.

    In the event of failure to comply with the conditions in the Product Use and Warranty Certificate, all liability and warranties declared by Polo Pergola Awning and Shading Systems shall be void. All documents not approved by our company with stamp and signature are invalid.

    • Protect all components that come into contact with electricity that keep our products in operation so that they do not come into contact with water.
    • Make sure that the system is disconnected from electricity before any intervention such as cleaning or maintenance of the products.
    • Do not use abrasives or solvents to clean all parts of the product.
    • Do not interfere with any person or persons except the authorized service of our company in all parts of the product.
    • Any outside intervention to our products, the product is out of warranty.
    • Our products are not covered by the warranty in case of natural disasters.
    • Our products are not covered by the warranty in the event of any failure caused by the user or the users’ fault.
    • Repairs, maintenance and systemic changes other than our authorized and expert service are also not covered by the warranty.
    • Applications and assemblies to be performed except our authorized and expert service are not covered by the warranty.
    • Damage that may result from failure to follow the instructions for use of the products and equipment described in this manual is also excluded from the warranty.
    • The mechanisms that enable the use of the product (remote control, etc.) are not simple components. Therefore, keep them out of the reach of the children, as they contain components that may cause harm.
    • Our technical service gives one year warranty for the replaced and repaired part/parts (for the interfered section) .The same terms of use above apply to this warranty period.

    The fabrics used in our systems comply with high quality standards and are specially designed for outdoor use.

    The contamination time of the fabric may vary depending on the application areas. In the areas where our systems are used; especially insect, fly and resin etc. residues of organic or inorganic substances, such as, can cause permanent stain formation if not cleaned for a long time. In such cases, we recommend cleaning more frequently.

    • Generally, it is recommended to be cleaned two (2) times a year, especially in the spring months.
    • After removing the dust accumulated on the fabric, it is recommended to do with warm water and a soft-tipped brush.
    • After cleaning, make sure that the cleaned area is completely dry before switching off the system.
    • • Avoid using chemical cleaners with penetrating and abrasive properties. Wear that may arise from the use of such materials is also not covered by the product warranty.
    • For cleaning the fabric; instead of cold or hot water, we recommend the use of warm water.

    In the areas where our products are used, sweating occurs naturally as a result of the use of devices that cause hot – cold heat exchange such as natural gas stoves, electric heaters, small air conditioners.

    This may cause staining on the fabric. If hot-dry air is preferred instead of these devices and ventilation is kept in the foreground, this problem will not occur.

    In the areas where “folding system” is not available that is to say “Fixed System” is preferred, such problems are encountered more frequently. It is therefore advisable to ventilate these areas more frequently (several times a day).

    Especially in over-pool applications, we are faced with the complaints of stain and color change on the fabric due to water and chemicals in the water. Defects that may occur due to lack of ventilation and carelessness are not covered by the product warranty.


    The fabrics used in our products are strengthened against fire with anti-fire materials during fire. Despite this feature, our fabrics melt during fire due to flame. Also; grill, cigarette fire and heaters that are very close to the fabric may damage the fabric.

    If our products and their attachments (including fabrics) are directly exposed to fire-high temperature, the products are not covered by the warranty.


    All electrical equipment, except the motor, used in our products is suitable for use with power supplies of 110 V AC 3.2 A / 220 V AC.1.6 A / 50 & 60Hz. Damage due to high / low supply is not covered by the warranty.

    All damages, including fabric limit disturbances, lighting failures, engine structure failures that may occur due to sudden low voltage and increase in the places that provide direct power from city mains electricity are not covered by the warranty.

    Our company, in such cases on behalf of not being suffered; recommends the use of current regulating regulators in supply circuits. When assembling our products, it is essential that the resources that will provide electricity are grounded.

    It is not recommended to operate the product before grounding is complete. Any damage caused by grounding (failure or release) after installation of the product is not covered by the product warranty.

    In addition to the operating instructions provided by us on the controls and functions of the controls supplied with our products, damages that may occur if they are pressed unconsciously and continuously are not covered by the product warranty.
    There should be a minimum distance of 100cm between the LED lighting used in our products and other beam emitting sources. There should be a distance of 50cm between objects that do not emit light and beams. Damage that may occur if the specified distance dimensions are not complied with is not covered by the warranty.

    Do not interfere with the LED lighting directly from the outside with bare hands. If all electrical products and components are interfered except our “Authorized Service Center”, our products will be out of warranty. Therefore, in case of any electrical problems, please contact our “Authorized Service”.

    If a material is connected externally to any of our products’ electrical systems and any of its components, our product is out of warranty.

    • The dimmer application does not save you electricity, it only lowers the current.
    • All parts and materials used in our products comply with the standards.

    All mechanical components used in our products have high durability.

    It is made of plastic material and corrosion resistant steel coating materials. Both materials we use have been designed in accordance with external factors and outdoor conditions. In addition, as in every moving part, mechanical parts of our production must be serviced at least once a year.

    The risk of noise, jamming, misalignment and other settings is increased in unmaintained products. In case of such complaints, we recommend that you first contact our Technical Service.

    Two years after the delivery date of the product (which should be done regularly afterwards) Mechanical Parts Maintenance if not done; Damage that may occur is not covered by the warranty.


    The paints used in the materials of our products with metal devices are polyester resin electrostatic paints that show high resistance against external factors, seasonal weather conditions, sunlight effects, chemical interactions and corrosion.

    We use paint materials that comply with international standards and do not harm human and environmental health.

    None of our colorants contain “lead”.

    In areas that contain chemical moisture in the air, salt water (beach, beach and poolside, etc.) has more acidic effects than normal places and the chemical effects of metal surfaces are destructive, thus reducing the life of the paints. In such areas, our company’s paint warranty period is two years. In line with the demands and requests of our customers;

    The warranty period of steel profiles, steel carriers, supporting units and similar materials used in the construction of projects other than the standards and produced differently (individual projects) is 1 (one) year. If you have any problems with paint, please contact our Technical Service.


    In the plastics used in our products, a reasonable amount of color and tone changes can occur over time with the effect of UV rays. This is not a problem due to the quality or structural properties of the plastic. This change may be observed due to the conditions of the product’s natural environment.

    In addition, all the gaskets and plastic parts we use in our products are specially produced products that are resistant to the destruction of external factors. All rubber and plastic parts are warranted for 2 (two) years unless there is any hard and unexpected interference from the outside.


    All of aluminum and steel profiles used in our products are internationally certified and comply with international standards. Since the products are manufactured to the highest standards, taking into account the external effects, no special cleaning process is required.

    Dust collection in dusty areas; it is not recommended to use materials that are hard to damage and destroy the product (wire wool, etc.). Cleaning with such hard materials may damage the paint and fabric. If this warning is ignored; damage and defects that may occur are not covered by the warranty. Cleaning must be done with a damp, clean cloth.

    Cleaning should not be carried out with corrosive or destructive solutions containing chemical additives. During cleaning, care should be taken to avoid contact with lighting and electrical components. We strongly advise that the system to be disconnected from the power supply before cleaning.

        1. INSULATION:

    The protective aluminum trapezoid over the area where the rail awning system is gathered is covered with sheet metal; It has been found that it is frequently used as a walking hall in the upper floors of the room, especially during glass cleaning. Installing stairs on this area and pressing unevenly between the sheets are both dangerous and disturb the insulation in the product. It also creates visual disturbances. Defects and malfunctions due to these are not covered by the warranty.

    During the installation of our products, insulation / isolation processes are applied to the application area. The insulation materials used are produced with high quality standards.

    As in every system application, due to the nature conditions, our product is stretched. However, the insulation materials we use soften, subsidize, and thus reduce mobility. This prevents unwanted effects.

    However, it is necessary to make the following reminder here. The life-span of these materials is two (2) years. Maintenance is required at the end of the second year following installation.

    With the maintenance service, the healthy life of the system will be prolonged and unwanted effects will be prevented. The products of our customers who do not receive this maintenance will be excluded from the scope of warranty.

    For maintenance and any technical support, please contact our Authorized Technical Service. If there is maintenance, processing and extra material application by persons or institutions who are not authorized for the products / services other than our authorized service; Your product will be out of warranty.


     The working principle of our company is to provide service by considering the application area and product type, the contact of the materials to be used with the indoor and outdoor weather conditions.

    Our priority is to provide you with the best practice in a safe environment. It is possible to create healthy and peaceful environments with our work that is resistant to all seasons.

        • Rain:

    The curved ceiling cover in our products can protect the place against rain by the technique we use. The formation of deposits with the hidden rain stream is prevented. In rainy weather, make sure that the costs are clear in order to avoid deposits and unexpected effects. In case of water flow problems, please contact our technical service

        • Snow:

    Our inclined products are designed for snowfall. However, in heavy season conditions such as heavy snow and type, the snow accumulated on the product should be cleaned before it reaches a weight of around 10 kg. It should not be operated while there is snow on the product. Otherwise it will be out of warranty. On-off should not be carried out in the event of snow accumulation.

    In addition, the snow load, the value given for the deposit; It is not a weight lifting-carrying indicator.

    Accordingly, a different object, item or weight should not be placed on the product. If snowfall is expected during night hours when the premises and facilities are closed; necessary precautions must be taken and the heating system must be left on at low setting overnight.

    Flat products (products that are not inclined and not applied accordingly) should not be kept open in snowy weather and should not be opened in closed conditions in snowy weather.

        • Storm (Heavy Wind):

     Your product is built to withstand certain wind effects. We recommend that you shut down the system during continuous storms. Product damage may occur due to instantaneous overloads, especially in open systems. Check the system after a storm, turn off the product and call our authorized service if you see fabric tears or punctures.

        • Wind:

     Our systems are resistant to winds up to 117 km / h. For safe use and for other seasonal events, we recommend that you also consider the above information.


     As per the terms of the contract; from the purchase of our products, transport and installation service is provided by our technical team. Please contact our company for the necessary displacements after installation.

    Some components of the products are disposable. It must be re-applied for relocation and transport. After you send us your request, we will send you the list and price of the parts that need to be replaced and reapplied. In case of unauthorized installation, transportation, relocation of the products, our products and services will be out of warranty.
    Replacement products are not covered by the warranty.


     When all stages, from production to assembly, are completed, we aim to solve your problems as quickly as possible in accordance with our quality understanding while providing our after-sales services.

    From the main materials used in all our products to the assembly materials, we use quality materials that are in accordance with international norms. Our company’s products comply with the Standards of Turkey.


     Warranty periods start from the date of delivery of the product (s) and standard periods apply. Each of the materials that make up our products in accordance with international standards has different warranty periods. (See the table below)

    The product (s) are subject to the warranty periods listed in the table, except in the case of special cases (exclusions of warranty) specified in the booklet. The material groups listed are guaranteed within the specified periods.

    You should review the relevant sections and places in our booklet for special cases and cases that are issued under warranty.

    All production-based defects are covered by the warranty within the respective period.
    All product(s) that are assembled or sold by our company are under warranty against all kinds of production defects according to the table below.

    PAINT (Aluminum Standard Parts) 5 Years*
    ENGINE 5 Years
    FABRIC 5 Years
    LED LIGHTING 2 Years
    INSULATION 2 Years
    PAINT (Steel Parts Special Parts) 1 Year

    * Please refer to Article 8 for Paint Warranty Coverage. (For special occasions)

    Pergola Fabric Technology

    The soft Cleangard top coating prevents contamination and makes cleaning easier. Provides effective protection against the corrosive effect of weather conditions.

    By Dickson’s unique anti-absorption process, the fabric lasts longer and looks like new. In the Dickson Lowick System, the yarn completely absorbs the coating.

    These fabrics are produced entirely in France. In this way, we can guarantee a controlled and meticulous production, responsible working conditions and product quality.

    Pergola Fabric Advantage

    • Easier to clean
    • Longer life
    • Flexibility
    • Very good weldability
    • UV and all weather resistance
    • Soft surface and less contamination


    Base Fabric 1100 dtex PES HT 550 dtex PES HT
    Width 2.50 – 3.00 m 3.00 m
    Covering PVC (Lowick) PVC (Lowick
    Surface Coating Cleangard Cleangard
    Total Weight 850 g/m² 640 g/m²
    Tensile Strength NF EN ISO 1421 260/250 daN 150/150 daN
    Tensile Strength DIN 53363 32/28 daN 15/15 daN
    Adhesion Force NF EN ISO 2411 8 daN/5cm 7 daN/5cm
    Elongation by weight (W / T) NF EN 15619 ˂ 1% / ˂ 2% ˂ 1% / ˂ 3%
    Remaining Deformation (W / T) NF EN 19619 ˂ 0.4% / ˂ 0.8% ˂ 0.4% / ˂ 0.8%
    Heat Resistance NF EN 1876-2 -30ºC+70ºC -30ºC+70ºC
    Flame Retardation NF P 92503-DIN 4102 / BS 7837 M2 / B1 / BS NFPA701 / B-s2-d0 M2


    Motor Wiring Diagram:


    Controller Introduction:

    1- The antenna marked switch on the motor is placed in the position and power is supplied.

    2- Press the programming button on the side panel of the controller and wait until the engine sounds a confirmation.

    3- When the engine sounds confirmation, the programming will be completed.

    After the controller is introduced, the operating direction change is made by using the switch on the motor. The limit positions must not be set in order to change direction. For the change of direction, the switch in the figure is moved from its position to the opposite position.

    Adjusting Limit Positions:

    1- Lower limit position; After programming, the programming button on the side panel of the controller and the lower direction button are pressed. The lower limit position will be introduced when the engine beeps.

    2- Upper limit position; after programming, the programming button on the side panel of the controller and the upper direction key are pressed. The upper limit position will be introduced when the engine beeps.

    3- In order to delete the set upper and lower positions, the curtain / awning is brought to a position between the upper and lower limit positions and wait until the acknowledgment tone is pressed by pressing the programming key of the control and stop key. When the confirmation tone sounds, the upper and lower limit positions will be deleted.


    My Pergola product does not work

    Reason: The motor is not receiving power.

    How to Troubleshoot?

    a-Check that the circuit breaker switch to the motor is in the ”open” position.
    b-Turn off the power and wait 15 minutes and try to start again.
    c-Please call our technical service

    The product does not turn on and off correctly

    a- The product does not close symmetrically.
    b- Product does not close completely

    How to Troubleshoot?

    a- Please call our technical service.
    b- Please call our technical service

    The lamps are not lit.

    a- Not all lamps are lit.
    b- Some of the lamps are not lit.

    How to Troubleshoot?

    a- Check that the lighting system is in the “on” position.
    b- Please call our technical service

    The product shuts down to a point, then stops.

    a- Both ends of the product move separately.
    b- The product turns on and off to a point.

    How to Troubleshoot?

    a- Please call our technical service.
    b- Follow the programming instructions in accordance with the instructions in the user manual.

    The controller does not work.

    a- Lights off.
    b- Does not control the product.

    How to Troubleshoot?

    a- Replace your battery following the instructions in the owner’s manual.
    b- Please call our technical service.
    c- Follow the programming instructions following the instructions in the user manual.

    The product is leaking water.

    a- Water leaks from the seals of the product.
    b-Leaking water from product insulation.

    How to Troubleshoot?

    a- Check that there are no objects (leaves, branches, etc.) trapped between the seals when the product is turned off.
    b- Please call our technical service.