Zipper Curtain

Zipper curtain pre-tensioned curtain fabric technology gives our products almost the same exceptional dimensional stability at both the weft and warp level. This particular advantage is crucial when stretching the product.

Pre-tensioned fabric materials have outstanding tensile strength due to their very poor yarn shortening.

By the excellent fabric characteristic of zippered curtain exterior areas, exterior shades, patio and display shades are important application areas.

It offers practical and functional solutions under all conditions by its motor system in outdoor areas.
For those who need an easy-to-use shading system, the motor is the ideal solution with remote control.

Zip curtain systems, zipper, vertical, also called motorized and automatically controlled roller blinds work.

Nowadays it is also called automation technology and UV sunshade. By its special motor and control, it provides convenient operation with a single button advantage.

Zippered Curtain Prices

The way to offer your loved ones and your businesses the deserved care goes through the price. You can get the best product quality and offer for your business, institutions and organizations.

It is a way of maintaining its hot and cold permeability with its dynamic structure and resistance to weather conditions and UV.

Zippered Curtains

Curtains, one of the most important pieces of decoration, meet their buyers with new features every day. It is one of the most frequently preferred models of zippered curtains recently. These curtains are extremely advantageous in terms of both their features and advantages. Zip curtain, also called zip curtain, is used to create a dark environment in spaces. The usage area of this model curtains is quite wide.

 Zippered Curtain (Zip Screen) Fabric Properties

As mentioned, these curtain models are produced from a special fabric. This special fabric has micro ventilation pores. The fabric does not crease. As with other curtains, the wrinkle condition does not apply to zippered curtain models.

Features of Zipper Curtain (Zip Screen)

Although motorized, it can be controlled remotely. Curtain motor; It is silent and is manufactured with an advanced and non-malfunctioning technology.

It has aluminum bodies specially painted according to the color of the outdoor space.

Protects the environment against sun. Its special fabric absorbs harmful rays from the sun. Thus, it prevents reflection. Eliminates adverse conditions for health. Therefore, zippered curtain models are human health friendly.

It is very easy to use and practical.

It provides a modern and aesthetic appearance.

It can withstand wind blowing at speeds of approximately 150 km.

It has a longer life than many curtain models.

It has a higher coating thickness than other curtains.

What are the Advantages of Zipper Curtain (Zip Screen)?

The shape of the curtain fabric does not change or distort during installation or use of the curtain.

In indoor spaces, it prevents heating of the space by approximately 30% to 40%.

Since the fabric is special, the zippered curtain does not experience tearing, abrasion or sagging over time.

It has a smooth surface.

Besides having an aesthetic quality, it shows durability for a long time.

Indoor and Outdoor Zippered Curtain (Zip Screen)

Zippered curtain models, which are widely used in workplaces and spaces, are frequently used in homes and offices. It is also very suitable for winter gardens. In appearance, modern, stylish and high quality zippered curtain models can be used anywhere.