Non-Threshold Sliding Glass Features

• Non-Threshold Sliding glass balcony with 8 mm tempered glass.

• The maximum height is 2500-3000 mm. Outdoor 2500 mm Indoor 300 mm
• Infinite number of wings is applied.
• Since the wings are not folded in, any kind of curtain can be applied.
• Provides complete security by the locks attached to the side covers on the wings.
• The system operates in all kinds of unbalanced environments and the lower wheels are self-leveling.
• Wings take each other with special pulling apparatus.
• Sash width is maximum 1300 mm. System weight including glass is 24-26 kg.
• The system is without a threshold.
• The system carries itself from the bottom.
• Glasses are fixed to aluminum wings with special gasket. Silicone is not used.
• It has application feature on all kind of balconies. (Except oval balconies)

What is the Non-Threshold Threshold Sliding Glass?

Our product is a glass system that makes a visual presentation with 0 profile casing to the floor which can be driven by pushing to the right and left by hand.


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Non-Threshold Sliding Glass Systems

Today, sliding glass systems are widely used in many fields. There are many reasons why sliding glass is preferred. One of these reasons is space saving, usability and elegance. Beautiful and high quality sliding glass models are offered to consumers. In the progressively developing sliding glass systems, the thresholdless sliding glass, which is one of the most recently developed products, has become more preferred. As one of the more advanced models of sliding glass systems, which is already of great advantage, can be understood from its name as non-threshold sliding glass, it does not require the threshold device to form a rail system. It can move to the ground zero on its small casters.

No Rail Problems on Non-Threshold Sliding Glasses

One of the most common problems occurring in threshold sliding windows is Hedgehog posts and faults in the rail system. However, such problems are not encountered in unequaled sliding glass models. By the non-threshold rail glazing systems, you can cover very large areas with one-piece glazing systems without splitting. You can easily open it at any time to get an open area again. The non-threshold sliding glass systems also provide ease of installation. It provides easy closure of very large areas such as garden and terrace as well as small areas such as balconies by its facilities.

Difference Between Threshold and Non-Threshold Sliding Glass Prices

The frames of the non-threshold sliding glass systems are made of high quality aluminum joinery and provide a unique elegance with its appearance. There is not much difference between the prices of the threshold and the non-threshold rail system. The advantage of non-threshold sliding windows is that they do not have any floor dividing the floor. In this way, the choice many business places such as cafes, restaurants and restaurants has become the non-threshold system.

Production and Assembly According to Requirements and Area

They can produce different lock systems in different sizes according to need. After taking the measurements of places such as garden balconies and terraces, these systems are produced and assembled one by one.

 Glasses are produced according to requirements and are resistant to impacts

Glasses are made of high quality. They are highly resistant to impacts and scratches. As in rail systems, in glass systems, size and thickness can be determined according to requirements.