For Stylish and Special Spaces

Bioclimatic pergolas are applied outdoors. It is the ideal solution to protect from weather conditions. It creates your living spaces. The most modern technical feature of bioclimatic pergolas is the way motorized ceiling panels work.


Bioclimatic Pergola has been specially projected with its design and style. It is a technological product that you can use in all seasons thanks to its moving panels. Plastic molds, inox stainless screws and led light are specific to the system.

It can be applied in desired Ral colors. To the system; Curtains, glass systems and sunshade panels can be added. It is produced according to the measurements by our expert staff. Its installation is fast. It is priced according to your project. Price varies according to product models.


Polo Pergola helps you in closing your open spaces in your home business. It offers features according to architects, architectural firms, private individuals and commercial enterprises. It puts you in an important position in your projects. It provides convenience in designing your open spaces. It contributes to pampering your dreams in your creativity.

Bioclimatic Pergolas are sunshade aluminum panel motorized retractable ceiling systems

Bioclimatic Pergola Systems are exported to Germany, Holland, England, America, France, Romania, Qatar, Iraq, South Africa, Hungary, Malta and different countries.

Polo Bioclimatic Pergola are produced for constantly changing weather conditions. Thanks to its remote control, you control the air flow. You can enjoy the Bioclimatic pergola in the evenings with its LED light. Heating systems can be added in autumn and winter.

Different glass systems can be applied to Bioclimatic awning systems. You provide a nice ambiance to your family and customers accompanied by music.

Bioclimatic pergola is sold and applied in the domestic market in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Antalya, Adana, Muğla and many cities.


Bioclimatic pergola aluminum ceiling systems appear in our daily life. It is used in private villas, hotels, cafes, restaurants, terraces and open areas. Bioklimatic Pergola Models are produced with the latest technology.These stylish architectural structures we come across are automated retractable pergola systems with automatic moving sunshades. System specific LED light is used. Lighting can be made by the user if desired. It has waterproof feature. Bolts and screws are stainless steel. It is designed for harsh weather conditions.