Two Way Awning

It is a special open area shade system which is produced from acrylic fabric which can be opened on both sides, and can be opened on both sides on the steel construction, you can change it when you want with the wheel and you can use it as fixed, and we offer to our customers with five year fabric guarantee.

Two Way Tarpaulin Features

Polo Pergola is the biggest supporter of your sun protection and projects.

Steel construction and feet,
Aluminum case,
Acrylic fabric,
Opening and width 700 * 350
Text printing

Two Way Awning m2 Prices

Please call our company for the product produced according to the application area.

What are the Advantages of Two-Way Awnings?

One of the most used products in outdoor areas, two way awning models provide many advantages to its users. Two way awning models, which are used in businesses such as cafes and restaurants, as well as in private property areas, offer a wide range of applications with options that meet different needs. Some of the advantages that two way awnings offer to its users are as follows:

– Wider Protection Area:

Two way awnings provide a larger protection area compared to conventional awning models. The two-way awning models, which are available in different sizes and with different features, offer the most effective protection from harmful sun rays and other adverse weather conditions.

By its automatic and manual options, the two way awning models that offer ergonomic use in outdoor areas are produced specially with color and pattern options according to the decoration of the enterprises.

 – Portable Options:

Two way awnings are produced as fixed and movable according to needs. In this way, two way awning models are portable according to needs and can be easily moved to another area if desired and the protection area can be created quickly. The movable awnings allow for easy transport by the special transport wheels.

The movable awnings also have the necessary security options against sudden wind and adverse weather conditions and are also fixable. Two way awning models offer a privileged alternative for both business and private spaces to create sheltered areas at the desired location and time.

 – Practical Use:

The two-way awnings can be easily adjusted by anyone by their practical use. In addition to creating the largest protection area, it can be adjusted to the desired width and can be fixed. In this way, based on the angle and direction of the sun, two way awnings can be used to the desired width and the protection areas can be adjusted.

By the automatic two-way awning models you can only make the settings you want from the remote. In the mechanical models, you can easily adjust and secure the awnings without effort due to the practical and safe options. By the two-way awnings that respond to the needs of outdoor spaces in the most efficient way, you can easily be protected from adverse weather conditions.