Threshold Sliding Glass Properties

In this system, the wings can be easily taken by the consumer if desired. In this way, uninhabited places are protected against malicious events and the life of the accessories in the system is extended.

• Threshold sliding windows are 8 mm tempered.
• The maximum height is between 2500-3000 mm. (Outdoor 2500 mm Indoor 3000 mm)
• Sash widths are maximum 1800 mm (Each sash should not exceed 4 m2)
• Wings are applied by means of aluminum special seals. Silicone is not used.
• System weight is 25-27 kg.
• Infinite number of wings is applied.
• Since the wings are not folded in, any kind of curtain can be applied.
• The system is the only glass balcony that guarantees no water intake.
• It is the only glass balcony with mosquito nets.
• By the corner wedges, there is a fault-free cutting and water evacuation feature in aluminum.
• Provides complete security by the locks attached to the side covers on the wings.
• The system operates in all kinds of unbalanced environments and the lower wheels are self-leveling.
• It has application feature on all kind of balconies. (Except oval balconies)
• Wings take each other with special pulling apparatus.
• The system is thresholded and must be transported from below.

Properties of Sliding Glass Systems

Sliding systems are highly functional in design ergonomics. By the sliding technology, which is widely used in both glass partitions and facades as well as in furniture and shelving systems, it is possible to achieve space saving and 360 degrees of freedom in addition to design elegance. Here you can find all the convenience you are looking for in our sliding glass models with thresholds produced by our company who want to meet this ease with customers. There is no limit on the number of wings of our systems. This means uniform opening and closing convenience in larger areas. By the threshold sliding glass technology, where the thickness and proximity values are determined according to your requirements, you can easily carry all the wings together and make full contact with the open air. You can check our online catalog to see the latest products of the world facade sectors, up-to-date technological equipment and technical features, durability and adaptability to natural conditions.

Rich Variety in Threshold Glass Systems

You can choose our threshold sliding glass systems for safe and comfortable use in both exterior and interior wall cladding of areas such as buildings, residences, cafes and in areas such as balcony ventilation and terrace. Another advantage of our sliding glass systems is its aesthetic appearance from the outside and its positive externality that naturally absorbs sunlight and provides natural lighting.

Get rid of the stress of everyday life in seconds, maintain your building, residence, café, home and business life in spacious and decent environments, you will love our sliding glass models that combine the harmony of the facade decorations and the interiors with a fine and elegant distinction. If you want to order products from our site, PVC and aluminum frame, wood-looking sliding systems and sheer glazing and threshold mechanisms, you can contact us if you want to examine all the models and season opportunities our contact details and more on our home page to help our customer representatives. In addition to the hardware features in our systems you can request extra features from our company.

All products and services we provide to you are covered by the warranty terms. Our services cover all processes related to promotion, order registration, installation and post-maintenance.