Garden Balcony Wind Breaker Glass Panel systems with its unique mechanism used in height control with the possibility of wind against cafes, restaurants, hotels, villas, balconies, terraces and gardens by providing more controlled use and comfort offers an aesthetic and solution to the outside.

In open plan living spaces, you can choose to provide in-room fluidity and as a very accurate option in a continuous view.

Garden Balcony Wind Breaker Glass Panel

Garden Balcony Wind Breaker Glass Panel is result oriented.

Weather conditions, while enjoying the garden in many open areas, exposing the nature to various weather conditions to sit in the harsh winds and cause the escape of pleasure in these areas.

For this reason, cafe, restaurant, hotel, hotel, villas, balconies, terraces and gardens, such as our models began to be preferred to serve this purpose. Our product is also called as Wind Breaker Glass.

Wind Breaker Glass Panel controls uninterrupted view and comfortable protection level in hard and cold wind formations that disturb the environment.

In terms of safety, you can use glass wind breaker systems at the desired height in line with the manufacturing dimensions by operating the systems with counterweight balancing by moving the system to a certain width and height. Call us for a quote for Wind breaker Glass price, our expert team give the most affordable price offer by on-site discovery.

The balcony garden wind breaker glass panel can be controlled manually and the air flow can be controlled as desired. In this way, a high quality environment can be obtained which is free from disturbed air currents and does not get cold. For a peaceful environment 24 hours a day, all you need to do is choose our wind-cut glass system and create a peaceful environment.

Polo Pergola enriches your life. Wind break glass panels with their innovative stance allow you to make your living space faster and more cost-effective.

The practical installation feature is a visual diagnostics feature that will ensure that it is best installed by our technical service team.

Wind breaker feature operates quietly and manually. It offers high performance by its stylish and innovative design. Its durable material and design integrates seamlessly in modern spaces and homes. It provides a clearer appearance by cleaning the inner and outer glass surfaces which are easy to clean. You don’t have to do anything forcibly.

Terrace, balcony, cafe, restaurant around the pool, pergola, rolling roof, winter garden area is suitable for use in all areas where wind curtains are needed. Please contact us for prices of garden balcony wind breaker glass panel price.

Wind Breaker Glass Panel Features

  • Performance
  • Air flow
  • Easy to Use
  • Design
  • Productivity
  • Durability
  • Wind breaker feature
  • Stainless steel
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Laminated transparent glass
  • Pressure resistant band
  • All Ral color
  • Easy to use
  • Vertical use
  • Desired height feature
  • Balancing by weight
  • Maximum width
  • Height position
  • Motion balancing mechanism
  • Carrier resistant to decay and strength
  • Cold wind protection
  • Ease of maintenance cleaning
  • Optional different height
  • Adjustable windbreaker
  • Aluminium frame
  • Safety glass
  • Manufacturing width and height available
  • Tempered glass
  • Moving glass

What are the Advantages of Using Wind Break Glass?

The type and use of the glass that cuts the wind and similar weather conditions affecting the terraces, balconies and all places that can be described as semi-open are called wind breaker glass. Wind breaker glazing is mainly used in semi-open sections of common sharing areas such as cafes and restaurants.

It also serves to prevent the effect of the wave in the places near the sea. The advantages of the use of windshield glass are both aesthetic and functional. Therefore, it should be used in both private and public spaces.

Increases Field Efficiency

Any area where wind breaker windows are available will be suitable for use. In order to provide more chairs and tables in a restaurant’s semi-open space, it is best to cover wind-blocked sections with windshields. With this functional benefit, it shows how necessary it is for every semi-open space.

The windshield glazing is easy to clean, highly resistant and easily assembled. Therefore, it can be used easily and safely even in the most windy areas. In addition to cutting the wind, the air flow is maintained in a balanced manner. By its adjustable dimensions, it can be adapted to different wind strengths and weather conditions. You can choose between wind type glazing types according to the location.

Contributes to the space with its aesthetic appearance

With the use of a stylish and modern wind breaker glass, the semi-open areas of the spaces will look more defined and modern. Wind breaker glasses are also useful to determine the boundaries of that space. It can be ensured that it is always new with its stainless feature and it can be erased.

Especially in cafes and restaurants, the use of wind breaker glass is also effective in making those spaces look larger. The acoustics of the space are also protected by providing a preventive effect for the sound of the wind. For semi-open spaces, the use of wind breaker glass is essential to ensure that the space appears fluid and can be used in all areas.

It provides both terraces or balconies to be used in all seasons and determines the boundaries of the house. It also gives a more modern and elegant look.