What is awning? What are awning types?

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What is awning?

The fabric, which can be stretched over any place to protect it from the impressive rays of the sun and bad weather conditions, is a shade system made with acrylic and special fabric that does not fade, especially in today’s technology.

What are awning types?

1) Folding arm systems

These are the models that can be applied to the application area for balconies, terraces and gardens.

2) Tilt adjustable

It is one of the models with a mechanism to adjust the inclination. The desired inclination is given according to the sun with the sleeve.

3) Bellows

They are awnings that can be adjusted as desired by blocking the sun coming from the side with the blower.

4) Led illuminated application

Led light can be applied at the same time provides the task of light.

One-way model: This system is mounted on two profiles and opened on one side.

5) Double-sided opening

This product is made on the system by using iron legs and can be opened to both sides. There are two-way models which can be carried by wheeled system and fixed to the floor and also can be applied by using marble weight.

6) Fixed awning

They are models that can be fixed to cover the space to be applied in accordance with their size and do not have the feature of opening and closing. It is preferred in outdoor places such as cafes, restaurants and shops.

7) Manual Articulated

Awnings can be opened manually. Adjustable systems up to 45 degrees.

8) Motorized Cassette System

Motorized Cassette System is a motorized system that can work with electricity by its automated system and can be opened and closed with its own control system.