Rolling Roof Ceiling Systems

rolling roof tavan sistemleri

Rolling Roof Ceiling Systems

As is known, leakage is a serious problem in rainy weather. In addition, tarpaulins cannot carry snow load. Again in the tarpaulin sunroof systems, the tarpaulin cover should be changed due to wear in certain periods. Since the panels can be folded at the desired angle in the Rolling Roof Ceiling System, it is possible to open an amount between the panels even when it is rainy and to ventilate the interior without water entry.

Since the panels in the system make a folding movement, the upper areas of the panels can be cleaned easily from the internal environment. Safety measures not included in the “sunroof” and canvas systems have also been taken. With the help of the motion sensor switches, the system movements are directed to match each other.

Polo Pergola reinforces its leadership in sunroof and glass balcony systems with its new products. Warranty terms are 2 year parts replacement. It does not cover situations caused by user error or external interference to the product. In all of our projects, our price policy has been approved in terms of customer satisfaction.

Rolling Roof Ceiling Systems

Design is a complex and multi-layered event that serves all human needs. For those who want to use your restaurants, cafes and terraces in four seasons, they are also great closing systems in terms of price.

Polo Pergola creates purpose-built spaces. It also deals with the more difficult aspects of human nature, the desire to nourish the soul and the search for meaning. The product guarantee systems, which put an end to the prohibition of smoking, have been included in our product portfolio with no water intake and safety. Rolling Terrace, which can be applied in any place, offers a combination of folding and gathering movement which is not provided by any ceiling system in the world.

Design is a way of life. This is especially true for architects and interior designers who see spatial forms and tools, lighting effects, materials everywhere and store them in memory for future use. It provides 100% ventilation from every point by fan movement. The panels can be opened at the desired angle to provide ventilation, to benefit from daylight or to provide shading.

Specially designed aluminum profiles and auxiliary profiles that we use on the roof are very successful in discharging water as well as discharging the system. We describe the methods for designing the space and transferring it to the employer and the contractors who implement it.

Rolling Roof Ceiling Systems Prices

Supporting Product-Brand Image is one of the important tools for consumers to perceive the product. At this point, when considering pricing, it considers the prices of similar and substitute products in the market. It decides where you want to position your products according to the prices. Of course, the price alone is never a factor that affects the perception of the product.

According to the shadow system products in the market; The quality of the product, the benefits it provides, the value it proposes, and similar properties are also important. Therefore, these features are taken into consideration in pricing.

Rolling Roof Ceiling Systems Quality

It has been a leader in the design of aluminum roofed roofs. Creates a comfortable and functional outdoor space that can be used in any weather, day or night, and protects against sun and rain offering a new generation of controlled living space. By the wireless remote control, it can be turned 180 degrees for indoor or sun tracking. Made of high-quality aluminum and complemented by a choice of colors can be in accordance with the concept of your project.

Proportional to the quality of the product, our customers’ approved projects, proved the price policy.