Pergola Awning Models

Pergola Tente Modelleri

Pergola Awning Models

The shortening of days is an indication of the winter days waiting for us. It is one of the biggest choices of those who want to enjoy hard and cold months.

It is time to introduce real comfort to your open spaces with Polo Pergola Somfy and Becker motor technology which is one of the leading brands of automation systems.

You can comfortably host your friends and family in four seasons living comfort and enjoy the winter and four seasons with its superior motor technology. Famous motor brands Somfy and Becker offer to your use with automatic wireless one-button controllable solutions by projecting according to your existing open spaces and turning them into shadow systems for those who want to renew or modernize their winter gardens.

Thus, according to the conditions of each season we have implemented your project with a single button of the remote control can be easily controlled easily.

Pergola Awning Models

It is a shading system that you can close completely. It means fringe in Latin.

It is an Italian word which means canopy. Radius, twisted, gable roof and horizontally open areas are closed with the insulation and rain gutter to protect you from weather conditions by waterproofing.

What Does Pergola Mean?

It is the most useful shading system that can accommodate your family and guests by adding value to your location with aluminum, blackout fabric, unique plastic wheels and special carrier trolleys that you can use in all seasons of the year.

What is Pergola Awning? What are the benefits?

While the weather is cold, it doesn’t worry the users of the product, but the automated solutions help you make the most of your winter garden by optimizing the led light, temperature and safety management.

Pergola Models

In Polo Pergola products, scenarios can be created by combining other related equipment such as special led lighting and heating. In winter, you can turn on your shade systems automatically with the touch of a button to allow the sun’s shape in the way you want, and turn it off with a single button to increase thermal insulation.

With its special decorative installation, our system can be transformed into a connected, suitable for your garden and tailor-made space for your comfort to provide maximum comfort.

Wooden Pergola

In addition to the special ral colors of our products, you can experience the one-to-one feature of the wooden patterns on your profile with your wooden designs. Polo Pergola can also be applied on top of the tree.

Pergola Awning Models

Special rail system consisting of special aluminum profiles, rain gutter and water discharge feet, black out custom made ceiling fabric and carrier trolleys to move on the rails, special plastic design that enables the movement of the system, and the front and rear large and small special plastic molded wheels In addition, it consists of unique special gaskets, inox screws and many large and small technical materials.

Manufacturing of Pergola

After the net production size is taken by the special technical team and architects, the architectural technical net drawing is designed and delivered to the technical team and the manufacturing process starts. After the profiles are cut according to size, electrostatic oven is sent to the paint to be painted to the color of ral chosen by the receiver.

Immediately after the black out fabric is cut in accordance with the specified size, the aluminum wire holders are placed after the roving is attached to the fabric with high frequency heating and the electric cable is placed for the led light system.


After the profiles in the paint stage come to the collecting stage, after assembling all parts including the plastic wheels with inox screws of large and small sizes which provide special traction and checked by our architects, the sales unit is informed that they are ready for the assembly stage.


The installation date is determined and the buyer is contacted by our sales team for the project application, the application date is given, the product is delivered to the buyer for use in a working condition at the end of the application and the warranty period thus begins.

Polo Pergola has successfully delivered many large and small projects both in Turkey and abroad, and customer satisfaction has been appreciated by all users.

Pergola Special Offers

It is proportional to the quality of the price and has proved its price policy by serving many large and small businesses and individuals. Although it is one of the most powerful companies in the field you can choose, it takes its place in the world with its domestic and foreign applications.