Maltepe Pergola


Maltepe Pergola

Pergola is a motorized shade system, which is the most perfect technology you can offer to your family and guests. It gives you complete control through the remote control. It works quietly by the tube motor. The light system on the top is made with LED lighting technology designed specifically for the product. In addition, pergola, this engine and led technology, which also contributes to your budget, is the most ideal product with automatic use that you can buy with a sniff. The flame-retardant fabric applied on the carrier columns through the aluminum profile produced in its own line protects you from all kinds of weather conditions.

Superior Quality in Maltepe Pergola Systems

Maltepe Pergola Systems

Pergola systems, also known as canopies, are designed and presented by our company with meticulousness. This system, which can be used for four seasons, is controlled by the control. In the summer months, it protects you from the sun’s rays and creates a peaceful environment for you and your guests.

It provides the perfect protection system in winter and offers the possibility to use your terrace or balcony. The products that we produce offer excellent elegance and a richness of decoration besides its useful structure. It adds elegance and richness not only to the terraces and gardens of the houses, but also to the terraces and gardens of cafes and restaurants. Thus, while providing the best service to your customers, especially financial losses due to seasonal changes are prevented.

 Easy to Use and Stylish Designs

Pergola systems that enrich the spaces with their elegance and decorative elegance are prepared meticulously by our company. As maltepe pergola systems company, we aim to produce the best and the best quality for our customers. Our products are very easy to use. These products, which have a controlled system, are working with the help of mechanism. It is self-powered and has a quiet working mechanism. It has a very long life. The product is made of plastic mold.

Led lighting system, especially at night without the need for extra lighting system adds a dim and stylish ambiance to your place. Despite having an electronic and technological system, energy saving is at a high level. Therefore, it makes an effective contribution to your budget. With its ordinary lighting system, it prevents the material losses you will experience. We design our fabric with flame retardant properties. Therefore, a system that creates a protective effect from all negative features of the season emerges.

 Installation and Assembly

If you want to benefit from our services and if you want to add comfort to your spaces with pergola systems, just contact us. Our team will cooperate with you when you fill in the offer form on our website and contact us. We design the comfort and elegance of your dreams with you. The choice of fabric patterns and colors is entirely our own taste and style. After the design stage, our team comes to your address for the installation of the product we produce.

After installation, information about usage conditions is provided. Our expert technical team do their best in installation and information. We state that our products are long lasting. You can get technical support by contacting our company in all kinds of problems and benefit from our after-sales service.