Maltepe Guillotine Glass Moving Handrail Glass

Maltepe Giyotin Cam Hareketli Küpeşte Cam

Maltepe Guillotine Glass Moving Handrail Glass

Our company is expanding its product range day by day. It has pioneered many models using new technologies.

Polo Pergola, which has been serving on shading systems since its inception, has turned its attention to glass systems with its innovative structure and has added variety to its product range and offered it for sale.

Our goal is to serve our country and the world in the sectoral sense by expanding our product groups in the construction sector without compromising on quality.

It has proven itself with the service we provide to many businesses, has partnered with many brands of resolution and has been in high demand.

It provides a more efficient evaluation of the usage areas indoors and outdoors and allows for a clearer use in glass systems.

The guillotine glass provides the convenience of controlling from anywhere with a single touch via the remote control. It is produced from special aluminum profile specific to our company and gives a definite result thanks to its high level insulation.