Kurtkoy Zip Screen

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Kurtkoy Zip Screen

The outstanding feature of our product is that it has motorized and controlled automatic roller shutter system in addition to its prices. Zip screen system feature; this special fabric, which does not tear, does not include the severity of rain, snow and wind, and allows it to breathe with its special pores, provides a great solution when applied to your environment with its vivid colors. In addition to this, you can also apply your brand’s letterpress printing to become a special product for you.

Kurtkoy Zip Screen

We are at your service with zip screen models designed to protect your place from seasonal problems. Zip screens are known as zippered perforated curtains. These curtain systems, which are designed in a magnificent way, have an automatic system that adjusts itself according to the heat and light balance of the place. Therefore, while providing protection from the negative effects of sun rays, wind, rain, storm provides effective defense for such factors.

Our company uses the Somy Becf brand which offers superior protection and quality in screen and motors as Kurtköy zip screen branch. Therefore, the products are long lasting and durable. These screens made of stretched fabric, which are frequently preferred in cafes and restaurants, have recently been used frequently on the balconies and terraces of the houses. You can benefit from the quality designs of our company in order to entertain your guests in the best way. Perforated fabric structure allows you to watch the scenery, while wind, rain or even insects in an environment that allows you to experience pleasant minutes.

 Features of Zip Screen Mechanism

Zip screen that can be used easily in residential and commercial spaces has an easy to manage system. It is a self-adjusting zippered screen system according to weather conditions and sun angle. It consists of a very stylish and high quality fabric assembly. Being produced from stretched fabric and being able to design different colors, it provides elegance and decorative richness in the image. When viewed from the outside certainly does not show the inside of the place. Therefore, it protects the privacy of the area. It is produced according to customer’s preference according to motor, gear or spring operating mechanism. The choice of fabric is entirely up to the customer and the options are unlimited. If you think that it is time to add wealth to your space with zip screen systems that can be controlled with a single button, it is beneficial to reach our company.

 Zip Screen Prices

If you are considering zip screen for your place, you should please contact us. Different pricing is applied according to the mechanism feature and fabric selection in screen systems. Our team members come to your address to take measurements, our company contact with you in the design of curtains and price is determined accordingly. Our prices are quite appropriate standards in the sector. By filling out the price offer form on our website you will have taken the first step to enrich your place. Please contact us to protect not only your place but also your houses from the negative effects of sunlight.