Kurtkoy Motorized Pergola

Kurtköy Motorlu Pergola

Kurtkoy Motorized Pergola

You are thinking of opening a cafe or restaurant and your goal is to serve your customers at the highest level. In addition to the architectural project and design, the name is also very important. One of the most important service areas for the customer of a place is your outdoor areas, that is how you can evaluate your garden.

Motor pergola is the product that will help you right here. Our collapsible system is advantageous in price and can be used in all seasons with led light.

About Motorized Polo Pergola

As a system, pergola is known to have protective properties in sun and other weather conditions. Pergola, which also means canopy and eaves, is a kind of roof and canopy assembly which is adapting to the environments it is located with its decorative appearance and which is demanded by taking a shape specific to the spaces. It is an unusual but unique structure that can be used in all seasons and is preferred with its ability to be adjusted according to the conditions of each season. When Kurtköy motor pergola is mentioned, Polo pergola comes to mind. Polo pergola, which is manufactured with expert staff at the construction stage, has a company understanding that adopts its duties and responsibilities according to the needs of the customer.

 Places Used

One of the features of the polo pergola is that it has a folding feature. It is very suitable for use in cafes, hotels, restaurants and has a stylish appearance. Polo pergola, Turkey and also serves a variety of countries around the world.

 Does Polo Pergola has a guarantee?

These products are technological systems which can be used in all seasons, are produced by using durable materials, which are highly reliable in terms of aesthetic appearance and durability, are specially manufactured and adapted to living spaces, gardens and other necessities by hand control. The fabrics used are extremely resistant to the adverse weather conditions and harmful sun rays given by the outdoor environments and the automatic opening and closing glass systems with sliding door or manual threshold-nonthreshold is a beautiful canopy system used in pergola works as design.

Designed and manufactured according to the quality measurements of international standards, the pergola has proven itself and has taken a new path, preferably spacing the awning lane. Following the technological developments in the world, pergola continues its way by improving product quality. There are cases where the polo pergola is covered by warranty or not. If we look at the areas where pergola is used, it is seen that it is used in cafes, restaurants and social areas with pools.

There may be some situations in such areas that will wear out the pergola. The company does not cover the damages caused by the heaters burned under the pergola for heating purposes and the fire heating systems in the pergola. Due to evaporation in pools, pergola will occur in the fabrics, the company does not guarantee the rot caused by moisture.