Kadikoy Windbreaker Glass Beach Restaurant Project

Kadıköy rüzgar kesici cam

Kadikoy Windbreaker Glass Beach Restaurant Project

It is an aesthetic and perfect manual windbreaker glass panel model focused on the most popular solution among our windbreaker glass products. A true windbreaker model that prevents you from being disturbed by the harsh wind you think you might be adversely affected without cutting your image, is a product designed for you and can be used in every outdoor area.

Wind Breaker Glass Price Advantage

Call us to take advantage of our product. Meet our expert team on the right project and at the right price.

Windbreaker Glass provides a comfortable environment with its features.

The main features of our wind breaker model, which facilitates the work of the personnel and the enterprise, are used in our product used in the Moda Beach Restaurant; Interchangeable double and single glazing system, silent operation with manual hand, a huge saving because it does not require energy, floor mounting, application of desired ral color, ease of installation, direct effect from the wind flow feature.

The result of our windbreaker glass application in Kadıköy is pleasing.

Our product is very easy to use, to provide you with the convenience of living and garden balcony wind breaker glass panel model to be a user, adds value to your life and your business.

Don’t Disturb Cool Air Directly From

The restaurant is now able to protect its customers aesthetically against the effects of wind by the wind breaker glass project. These products provide visual advantage and add extra elegance to the space. You may be uncomfortable with your environment as the direct cool air flow blowing on you can catch you. That’s why Polo Pergola brings you windbreaker glass systems.