Kadikoy Acibadem Taylan Sef Guillotine Glass Project

Kadıköy Acıbadem Taylan Şef Giyotin Cam Projesi

Kadikoy Acibadem Taylan Sef Guillotine Glass Project

The project, which we have implemented, is surrounded by guillotine glass and consists of a total of 11 systems and operates as 3 module system. The special movable handrail glass produced according to the dimensions of the project has also brought customer satisfaction to the forefront.


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Guillotine Glass System


What makes structures beautiful is the exterior painting and the appearance of glass as decoration. Glasses are the most important points that change the aesthetics of the buildings. They are glasses that change a house or a business and appeal to the eye. Nowadays, these glasses are more developed in terms of visuality. There are many glass systems. One of the most preferred glasses is guillotine glass. This glass is special production and can be made upon request. Fully openable service. This system moves vertically and has no aesthetically pleasing material.


As with everything else, it is now possible to switch the glass system on and off with the remote control. You can switch it on or off as you want, or stop it at any part. It can be repaired easily when it requires repair.  Aesthetically beautiful, these delicate glasses are very durable. The most preferred spots are cafes and shops. Guillotine glass is a good way to attract customers. The usage area of ​​the guillotine glass expands as you wish. Bullet proof, heat insulated and sound resistant. There are many types of guillotine windows. The predominantly systematic ones are quite old chained glass. Wooden system windows, steel spring windows and transom windows are examples of guillotine windows. These guillotine windows are now obsolete and the guillotine glasses have been replaced.

Today’s reliable glass system, guillotine glass, provides convenience in terms of cleaning. Automatic and manual varieties are available. Prices vary accordingly. Optionally, it can be made in the system that opens to the right – left directions.


Guillotine glass is an indispensable part of your home with a view. With this glass system you can enjoy the view. The balconies and terraces of the houses are almost covered with these guillotine windows. Guillotine glasses are also preferred because of their economic variety. The use of these windows in the villas by the beach makes that house more attractive. Choosing the automatic system gives you more advantages. It is also very enjoyable to watch the rain with these guillotine glasses which do not cause any problems in terms of ventilation. The best exterior design is these guillotine lenses.