Fatih Rolling Roof

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Fatih Rolling Roof

Rolling roof is the most important system of our product range that will be heralded to cafes and restaurants in the world.

Polo Pergola is one of the most important products in the field of shade systems with its waterproofing and safety features.

It offers the most professional opening and closing movement of the sunroof system in the world which can be applied in all areas, villas, gardens, restaurants, cafes, terraces and all kinds of open areas. One hundred and eighty degrees of fan movement can be moved at the touch of a button.

It is the most important terrace system that brings a solution to the smoking ban in all seasons, especially in restaurants, cafes and similar establishments.

It offers a combination of folding and gathering movement which is not offered by any sunroof system in the shadow systems of the world which can be applied in all kinds of open spaces and spaces.

By its specially designed aluminum profiles, it provides ventilation in all weather conditions without being affected by sun, rain, wind and snow. The price policy is applied according to the aluminum and technical characteristics used as a result of the work of our architects. Long life by electrostatic oven paint. It is the perfect solution in areas where smoking is prohibited.