Bakirkoy Pergola

Bakırköy Pergola

Bakirkoy Pergola

In our opinion, natural light is not inanimate. In each period, you feel the day moving forward, the clouds moving and the conditions of the four seasons. And then the moment comes … Daylight goes away and there is a need to turn on the lights. Light revives. This is where our shadow system products come into play. The pergola, combined with all this light, adds vitality to the environment in which it is located and its angle during the day.

Once Polo Pergola has installed the project management, a project manager from our professional team is involved in the implementation process. Our authorized personnel who manage your project plan various activities and make schedules and supply schedules until delivery time. We have planning inspectors for our projects of all sizes.

This phase ends when the finished project is officially submitted to the employer.

Our company, which creates style in our products, combines with the understanding of quality and is professional in its field, enriches your projects with its experience in every aspect.

Bakirkoy district has many hotels, cafes, restaurants and living areas. It is at this point that Polo Pergola sales team comes into play and reaches you in all neighborhoods.

By making the project in the most accurate way, it provides convenience to you in its products by providing the most efficient, saving area of ​​motion and usage area.

Bakırköy Pergola project has won the trust of its customers with a striking difference in the details.


As a company, it creates magnificent living spaces by touching your life.